anti rust

Features: 1.Form a protective film on the surface, isolate the air and moisture.
                2.Penetrates and loosens rusted parts, dissolve the rust.
                3.Remove moisture on the metal surface, avoid equipment short-circuit and leakage.


1. Free sticky mechanisms.

2. Drives out moisture.

3. Stops squeaks.

4. Cleans and protects.

5. Loosens rusted parts

6. All-round anti-rust lubricant


ALL-round anti-rust Lubricant is a multi-functional product, featuring in antirust, penetration and remove rust, lubrication, dehumidification, cleaning and corrosion prevention.


It can be apply on automotive, industrial machinery and tools for removal of oil contaminant provide lubrication, anti-rust, corrosion prevention and dehumidification. Besides, it can be applied on household and office appliance for the removal of loose rust and rust knot, provide lubrication and reduce noise with superior effect.


1. Shake well.

2. Put the attached small tube onto the spray nozzle to apply, use cloth to wipe clean the loose rust or rotate the parts until it moves smoothly and eliminate the noise.


1. Flammable, contains petroleum distillates. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.  Do not stop vomiting if swallowed. Please call a physician immediately. 

2. Do not pierce or burn even when empty. 

3. Contents under pressure.  Protect from sunlight. And do not expose to temperature above 50.

4. Keep away from children.


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