C1-22 Dashboard Wax Spray 250ML

1 It is a special new polishing paste which adopts the advanced technology in the world.
2 Using spray type wax can polish and protect tires, dashboards, car seats and door panels easily and effectively.
3 It has stronger polishing, cleaning, smudge removing, dustproof, protecting function. Also, it has the functions of anti-static, keep away from deterioration.
4 Assures glossy finish on rubber and plastic products, leather, home appliance, furniture, and car panels.


The product is made scientifically with a special high-tech formula. All sorts of deposits, dirt and smudges can be dissolved and removed when you leave it soaked for approximately 30 seconds. The product provides lasting protection against brittleness abrasion. It also offers a new suppleness and freshness with a silk and shinning finish, anti-dust, anti-electrical and anti-UV rays protect and as well as preventing aging.

It is Ideal Spray Wax for various kinds of surfaces, including dashboard, leather, car seat, tire, rubber, plastic, etc.

1. Shake well the product before use. 
2. Keep a distance of 15-25cm, spray evenly. Wipe it with a piece of cloth, the surface will show a shinning luster. 
3. When used for tires, clean and clear the lateral mud of tires first.
1. Please don’t use it for the steering wheel.
2. Keep out of reach of children
3. When spraying, keep the can upright, angle between the can and the level should be no less than 45 degrees
4. If eye contacted, flush immediately with plenty of water and see a doctor.
5. This product is inflammable. It must be stored below 40℃,don’t put it in the car. Keep it far away from heat and flame. It’s forbidden to put it under the sun, break or burn the can.
6. The gross weight and net weight will be changed with time and this is a common phenomenon for aerosol products. Wastage rate is no more than 2%/ every year.


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