Annual Conference Of 2014 And The New Plan Of 2015

Recently, on the occasion of New Year, COMMA hosted an annual conference to make a summary of 2014 and a new plan of 2015.Every staff anticipated the meeting and made their own comments actively.

The conference began at 14:30 , 31th Dec,2014.Our general manager Mr. Leung made a profound analysis and summary of 2014 for COMMA, then pointed out the new direction for the new plan of 2015.All the departments including Business Department, Marketing Department, Research and Development Department, etc, made their own detailed announcements of their new year plan.

During the meeting, every supervisor made a summary of their own department and pointed out the problems, and found out the solutions for them. At the same time, we also shared our achievements in 2014, and made an election of the annual excellent staff , special contributed staff ,etc. All the excellent staffs gained their own rewards.
The conference ended successfully at last.