Our Concern For The Remote Mountainous Area School

We happened to know that students’ of Chujiang Primary School couldn’t afford to buy stationery, they live in the remote countryside, all of them have a common point: their parents went to the big cities to make a living , children stay at home to go to school in the remote countryside.

Those children can’t meet their parents frequently , they can see them only once or twice a year, even less maybe. They’re lack of love , some of their parents even got divorce ,those children have a very poor quality of life.

So we decided to help them, we COMMA donated a considerable sum of money to buy the stationery for the poor students, which can improve their studying.

Not long after, we heard from the Chujiang Primary school that students got very good performance in their studying, teachers told us that with the help of us, students can read more extracurricular books which they couldn’t afford before, and they have the stationery now which can help improving their studying, so that they all got good marks in the exam. Chujiang Primary School really got a great pride, we’re so happy to know that.

Those children have a much more happy life now, and they showed their great gratitude towards our benefaction. We’re glad to know that our little help can make a big help for them, and it also let us know that we should be willing to give a hand to those in need, our little help can make a big difference for them ,which may change their life greatly. We encourage that we do our best to help others, even little help of us, it mean a lot to those in need.

Teachers said that we influenced the children a lot, they have much more passion in learning now, and have a thankful heart for what they got from us.

Children are the future of our country, we should show our love and take care of them. Most importantly , parents ought to give their love to them which is the best gift for the poor children.